The Importance of Your Online Dating Picture | Dating Profile Tips

Your Online Dating Picture is the Most Important Part of Your Profile

Your online dating photos are crucial for attracting the right members of the opposite sex. Learn the do's and don'ts of profile pictures and how they can impact your success.

The Importance of Your Online Dating Picture | Dating Profile Tips

One Big Myth About Online Dating Profile Pictures

Your online dating photos actually say more about you than you ever intended or realized and there are certain do's and don'ts to the practice alongside good practice that can hedge your bets on the road to attracting as many members of the opposite sex has humanly possible. But firstly, let's get into why that may or may not be desireable.

Online Dating Profiles Should Attract the Right Members of the Opposite Sex

This is especially true if you're a lady in the internet dating scene. The fairer sex tends to attract every single member of the opposite sex in an online environment. They are inundated with hundreds to flirtatious messages a day from would be suitors looking for a little hot lovin. Sifting through these messages is going to be an issue, so the guys that put the most effort into their messages, didn't make her roll her eyes, and didn't say something like “hey babe” are going to be the ones that make her take a second look. If you've gotten this far, then you're doing better than most. She's going to notice your dating profile pictures first, and then if you pass a basic litmus, she's going to be onto your bio. Most girls like who are cute, but what they consider cute is not the same thing that men consider cute. Ladies are much broader in their spectrum of what they consider cute, and while a guy will likely sleep with any girl he considers cute, cute for a girl does not indicate whether she will be sexually attracted to him or not. In fact, according to some studies, the most physically attractive guys on a dating site don't necessarily do as well as average guys, even though they're posting pics of their 6 pack, biceps, and bench pressing without a spotter. In fact, they're losing out to average looking guys who post pics of themselves playing ultimate frisbee, guitar, or dressing up as a Klingon. Here is why. You're showing your potential match that you share some common interests. If she likes Klingons on too, then you've got the right girl. Pics that don't work normally are those that involve you showing off your 6 pack, topless bathroom mirror selfies, posing with your car, and you drinking a beer. While dressing up as a Klingon in sort of a niche thing that isn't going to attract everyone, it will attract ladies who dig cosplay, and even those that don't. It shows you have interests and a life outside of self-display or getting drunk, and this is immensely attractive to women. A lot of these sites will advise you not to include group photos in your profile. It's important you don't listen to that advice, especially if you're a dude. While it may be unseemly for a woman to post a pic posing with 3 other girls at a party, all of whom are uglier than she is, for guys it proves that you have a social network and are capable of having a healthy relationship or two. Women are going to want to know that, because it sort of indicates that you are not a psychopath, although, it probably doesn't really. Plenty of psychopaths were social butterflies and actively engaged in their communities. But most people don't know that.