Improve Your Online Dating Profile with Better Pictures

Why you'll Meet More People with Better Dating Pictures

Learn how to select the best dating pictures to attract the right kind of men. Find out why online dating photos showing you doing something you enjoy are more effective. Be honest but flattering in your profile pictures. Don't pander to what males want, attract the right kind of man.

Improve Your Online Dating Profile with Better Pictures

How to Select the Best Dating Pictures (for Women)

It's true what they say. Guys are visually stimulated and having a great selection of online dating profile photos is one of the keys to getting to meet more men. What online dating offers you, more so than any other form of dating, is the ability to make a carefully selected choice. The problem is that a lot of ladies are turning away their best options with pictures that they think are brilliant and sexy and are actually just the exact opposite. While major universities continue to devote psychology departments into researching what kinds of faces are the best to make in your profile pictures, some common sense guidelines go a long way toward improving your chances to meet more men, and the right kind of men. For instance, online dating photos that show you doing something you enjoy like riding your bike, hiking, bowling, swimming, or at a Comic Book Convention are largely going to be the most effective at attracting the right kind of man for you. Folks with similar interests are going to be attracted to the fact that they can pursue their own interests and have someone there by their side to enjoy life with, and that is literally the most important thing. While stating that you enjoy bike riding is something you of course can include in your dating profile, it isn't as emotionally alluring as a picture of you with your bike or riding your bike. While this may seem obvious to some, for a lot of ladies it isn't. They want to seem sexy or flirty or something in their profile pictures, and while that may fly on Tinder, it's not going to go over well on Match or EHarmony. Looking for love is a very different process than looking for sex.

Online Dating Photos Should be Honest, but Flattering

The best online profile photos are those that include your face and your upper torso. Headshots look like you're trying to hide your body, body shots look like you're trying to hide your face. The truth is that there are a lot of guys out there that are into softer women, so don't be afraid to show yourself off. You're going to get messages and you're going to meet dudes. But if you're dating pictures are misleading, you're going to meet dudes who aren't into you, and then your self-confidence is going to spiral downward.

Do not Pander to What Males Want in Your Online Dating Pictures

According to studies done by major universities, men find women who display pride less attractive than those that are displaying happiness. On the flip side, the same studies showed the reverse for women. They are less attracted to happy men than they are proud men. Consider this the most perfect form of culling the herd and working against type to attract the right kind of man. Men who are attracted to women who don't exude pride are going after women who they see as insecure or weak. They're looking for someone they can easily control, and boy do guys like this know exactly where to look. While women who are attracted to controlling men, may not want to take this advice, it's always a good idea for ladies to include one photo of themselves exuding pride in order to dissuade those males who would be turned off by that from contacting them. Trust me on this one.