3 Types of Online Profile Pictures to Attract Women | Dating Tips

3 Types of Online Profile Pictures that Will Help You Meet More Women

Learn how to choose the best online profile pictures to attract women. Find out the types of profile pictures that will make her take a harder look. Get dating tips now!

3 Types of Online Profile Pictures to Attract Women | Dating Tips

3 Types of Profile Pics That Will Make Her Take a Harder Look

Yes, dating is a numbers game, and yes, you want to attract women to your profile, but in the end, you'll be lucky if you can find a handful of women to go on successful dates with, and extremely lucky if you find one you can fall in love with. The trick to meet more women online involves three principal parts. The first is knowing how to send a good ice breaker message. The second is not turning them off with crappy profile pictures. And the third is coming up with a decent profile description or bio. For now, let's deal with finding the best profile pictures, and we'll manage the rest in other articles.

The Best Online Profile Pictures

(1) Find an Online Dating Pic that Shows You Being You

It really cannot look like you're trying too hard. Guys who are posing in the mirror showing off their abs come across is narcissistic. A woman who is looking at a picture like that sees no place for her in it - and that's a major problem. Girls are going to be looking to figure out what place they have in your life. You should show yourself doing things that you enjoy. If you're into bowling, show a picture of yourself bowling. If you like ultimate frisbee, then show a picture of yourself playing. If you like doing nerdy things like Comic Con, then don't be afraid to show that off either. Online pictures tell others a lot about you, and your interests. You want to make sure that you're being true to yourself and exuding the sort of image that will attract the right kind of woman. Headshots and whatnot are ok, but they can't be all we see. The reason is they only tell us what you look like.

(2) Self-confidence Means not Hiding Your Flaws

Women have it tougher here, and many of the rules that apply to men, are the exact opposite of those that apply to women. In this case, your flaws can be endearing. Some women are going to be more attracted to the imperfections than they are the perfections. Your crooked teeth, while probably not being a major source of self-confidence for you, is going to be endearing to some women for some reason. You don't have to believe me, just remember I said it. The fact that you're not ashamed of your crooked teeth, is going to be really attractive to some women. Trying to hide yourself, then setting up a date with someone shallow enough to exclude you on the basis of how perfect your teeth are, and then being disappointed by their disappointment is a recipe for no more than disappointment. So if you're bald, be bald. If you have a beer gut, show it off. There's no reason to hide your imperfections in a online dating picture.

(3) Find Flattering Pictures for Your Dating Profile Though

Flattering dating pictures aren't about what they exclude, but what they exude. You want pictures of yourself that show you in your best moments. That's why laptop headshots and selfies are not the greatest options. They serve a purpose but the photos that are really going to attract her attention are going to be those that show you in your element, and regardless of your flaws, they will attract her.