2 Huge Mistakes that Guys Make When Setting Up Their Online Dating Profile

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2 Huge Mistakes that Guys Make When Setting Up Their Online Dating Profile

Choosing online dating photos is a bit of an art form and even for dudes it can make or break their chances with a lady. While psychology departments at major universities are actually studying what makes for the best photos and profile choices, I have personally found that their results pander to the most vapid and idiotic impulses in both men and women. Now, forgive me for being a little judgmental on this point, but girls who call themselves “sexycutieprincess123” are not at the top of my list for prospective dates, and yet, the majority of men seem to be eating that shit up. On the other hand, women I understand much better, because they’re more attracted to men with relatively cultured or intelligent sounds names, and not “6packdouchebag69” or something.

In any event, guys are making some serious mistakes with their profiles and it’s turning girls off, and I happen to understand why, so, I’m going to explain it to you.

Their Pictures are Douchey

If you’re chilling with a beer looking like your head is about to explode, women are going to kind of think you’re a dick, especially if you’re topless, by a bonfire, and posing for your douche bag friend. That’s a great picture to remember a great night of partying, but it’s not what you want to put on display for a potential girlfriend. Your douchey pictures are not going to get you laid.

The best dating pictures will show you doing the stuff that you like to do. If you’re into hiking, show yourself hiking. If you’re into biking, show yourself biking. Headshots are good, but you want to show off the rest of yourself too. Showing yourself hanging out with other people is effective, because it shows you have a life outside of your dating profile.

Good profile pictures will show your torso and your head. You don’t have to smile, and this is especially true for guys. The best online profile photos show you naturally and effortlessly being you. Posed photos aren’t going to play well with the ladies.

Another thing, photos of you drinking a beer, unless it’s an expensive beer and you’re into craft beer or something, then you don’t want a picture of yourself in a divey bar pounding a PBR unless you’re 20 or something.

Their Profile is Douchey

Women like well thought out things. If you say you like girls aren’t fat or licking clits is a talent of yours, you’re going to sound like a great big douche bag. What you want to do instead is list of your interests, what you’re looking for, and this is especially effective if you have a sense of humor and a dry wit. Think David Duchovny in Californication. You don’t want to be caught in a position where you’re talking about your characteristics. This is a huge mistake that guys make all the time. Instead, focus on what you want and what you like to do. You can talk about your job, your hobbies, your interests, what you’re looking for in relationship, how you see yourself in 10 years, your aspirations, but don’t try to define or describe yourself.

It is particularly ineffective when people say things like “I’m funny”. In most instances this merely indicates the opposite. Why? Because funny people don’t say “I’m funny” they simply are funny, and that is evident from their profile.